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Treasure Investments Corporation/Foundry Michelangelo is a fine art company that owns over 2000 master molds from 230 world famous artists. We manufacture bronze, silver and gold sculptures from small pieces to the largest statues on earth to over 70' in height. We have an extensive gallery network throughout the United States and are expanding internationally. We sell sculptures with subject matter including wildlife, biblical, historical, western and sell in many other themes and mediums.

Featured Artist Laran Ghiglieri 

Laran Ghiglieri follows his family’s tradition of art, like his great grandfather Batista Ghiglieri, who carved the regal marble lions that herald the edifice of the New York Stock Exchange, followed by his grandfather’s colossal sculpture of a Franciscan priest, located in Bakersfield, California. Most recently his prolific father, Lorenzo Ghiglieri, who presented Pope John Paul II, the King Juan Carlos of Spain, and former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev with his Conception of Saint Francis of Assisi in bronze. Lorenzo’s eagles have been presented to former Presidents of the United States, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior, and Bill Clinton. These sculptures now adorn our nation’s Whitehouse.

Under the apprenticeship of his father, Laran has collaborated and co-produced hundreds of paintings. His sculptures range in theme from historical and wildlife to patriotic and sports-related.

In his own career, Laran created ‘Reflections of America’, two eagles wrapped in the American flag on permanent display both in our Nation’s House of Representatives as well as The Oregon National Guard.

Laran has cultivated his own following and has contributed to many spectacular monuments in the United States, Japan, and South America. This includes some of the world’s largest bronze sculptures, one of which is a bronze eagle standing over 33 feet tall and weighing 14 tons, another is a heroic size elephant which is 19 feet tall.

Mark Russo

Founder and Chairman

Mark Russo has been heavily involved in the fine art market for the past 25 years dealing with Fortune 500 CEOs, physicians, celebrities, museums, and thousands of successful and influential collectors. Mr. Russo is an expert in sales communication, business management, and high-quality art. Working high-end trade shows, investment conferences and art exhibitions, Mr. Russo has generated over $100 million in sales of fine art during his career.

Mr. Russo both directs and coordinates the sales effort of TIC and is responsible for sales strategy, recruitment, training, budgeting, and promotions.

Mr. Russo is responsible for the development of the highly successful and innovative sales model that has resulted in the unprecedented growth of the ‘Charitable Division’ at TIC.

Mark Russo

Founder of Treasure Investments Corporation