Treasure Investments Corporation (TIC) is a supplier of limited-edition, high-end bronze and precious metals sculptures for charity and nonprofit fundraising events and creates and shares its world-class art in galleries across the country.

TIC was founded by Mark Russo in 2016 and has amassed a collection of over 700 master molds of original works of art. The master mold collection contains molds from world-famous artists and molds from works originating in the Villa Borghese Museum and the Vatican. It covers subject matter ranging from biblical, historical, and western to wildlife and cultural works, and has gallery locations in Denver, Aspen, and Vail, Colorado and Sante Fe New Mexico.

Two of the renowned artists who work closely with Treasure Investments are Laran Ghiglieri and Lorenzo Ghiglieri. Lorenzo is a world-famous artist and sculptor whose works are displayed in prominent locations like the Vatican, the White House, and the Royal Palace in Madrid. He has won numerous awards for design and illustration and was invited out of countless artists to recreate scenes for Earth: Theatre of the Universe, the international biblical epic told through a breathtaking 100-foot rendition according to the biblical story of Earth’s history. The Ghiglieris were recently commissioned by Treasure Investments to create a 50-image series, entitled Legacy Collection. Lorenzo’s son, Laran Ghiglieri, follows in the footsteps of his talented lineage and has created, co-produced, and collaborated on hundreds of sculptures, paintings, and monuments. Laran has most recently created a stunning piece called Stage Coach Gold, a sculpture created to embody the spirit of the Wild West and personify the Wells Fargo stagecoach.

Treasure Investments has provided a number of noteworthy names and public figures with beautiful and timeless works of art including Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Tiger Woods, Ross Perot,  Ben Carson, Michael Jackson, and George Bush Sr. among others.

At its core, TIC is devoted to helping those in need and affecting positive change in the lives of others. Since 1998, Mark Russohas led his team in helping to raise tens of millions of dollars in monetary contributions across the United States for various nonprofits and has contributed pieces — primarily high-end bronze sculptures — to more than 50,000 charity auctions. Through all of its efforts, Treasure Investments continues to stand at the front of its market as the premiere provider of sculptures for nonprofit gala events.

With only a year of business behind it, Treasure Investments has already blazed a trail in the art world, and its future continues to look just as bright. So far in 2017, Treasure Investments is having a big year. The office headquarters have moved from Lake Oswego, Oregon to Battle Ground, Washington and will bring great contributions to the area in the fine art scene. TIC is working to evolve the fine arts sector with their unique RevPac opportunities, a fine art leasing division, and numerous other ventures.