When choosing to invest, you need to first determine why you are looking to invest: are you hoping to increase your wealth? Do you want to diversify your investment portfolio? Is the investment you are hoping to make a personal one or a fiscal one? Depending on how you answer, you may have multiple investment options open to you.

Silver Investment

Investing in precious metals, especially silver, is a solid and safe investment for a number of reasons. Its scarcity drives value, and, being a precious metal, it is used in fine jewelry and other metal works of worth. While you may think of investing in silver as collecting silver bars and coins, there are actually a number of ways that people invest in silver:

  • Purchasing Actual Silver
    • Investing in silver in the form of silver bars or bullion can be a beneficial way to guard your wealth and invest in something with a relatively steady value. However, when purchasing and selling silver, there are often premiums one must pay, which can become rather costly – albeit insignificant if investing over the long term – if you are looking to be a frequent trader.
  • Purchasing Silver ETFs
    • Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, work much like gold-standard currency; you purchase a share, which entitles you to a certain amount of silver. These are a popular option, because they tend to be affordable with fairly modest annual expenses.
  • Investing in Silver Mining Stocks
    • Directly tied into the value of silver is the value of silver mining stocks. This method, while potentially lucrative, also brings with it the concern of accidents or damage occurring at the mine, which would be costly.
  • Investing in Silver Streaming Companies
    • These companies work in conjunction with silver mines, offering finance to miners in exchange for royalty fees. The value rises and falls with the value of silver, but these investments can be lucrative depending on the size of the financing deal.

No matter how you choose to invest in silver, as a metal that holds worth it is a fairly safe and stable investment to make.

Art Investment

We have written before about the value of art investment and what it means to invest in a work of art as an investment in beauty. The worth of art is generated by the market, making it a fairly illiquid investment that is difficult to quickly buy and sell. Because of this, the value of art fluctuates wildly and, although a good personal investment, can make investing in art for wealth generation more difficult.

Treasure Investments Corporation

While people consider investing in silver for wealth security or art for the sake of beauty, Treasure Investments Corporation has become a catalyst between art and silver, creating exquisite works of art and then casting them in fine silver. With a master mold collection valued at nearly a billion dollars, and recently entering into agreements to purchase the sculpture foundry Bend Bronze, Inc., Treasure Investments has everything it needs to cement a legacy that joins fine metal with fine art. It is the perfect marriage between investment for the sake of beauty and investment for the sake of worth.